Isaiah 37, how did Hezekiah respond to Rabshakeh and the king each time and why?

Isaiah 38:9-20, does Hezekiah discuss the Restitution of All Things?

Isaiah 38:19, if this was true, then why was Manasseh evil?  (2C32,2326)

Isaiah 39, why did the king of Babylon send gifts to Hezekiah?

Isaiah 39, why did Hezekiah show off his wealth?  Is this idolatry?

Isaiah 40:4, why is the valley exalted and the mountains made low?

Isaiah 40:20, who is the one without the offering?  What does he do?

Isaiah 41:15, why a new sharp threshing instrument?  Why nets?

Isaiah 41:25, how does one come from the North and from the rising of the sun?  (Jd & tzd)

Isaiah 42:19-20, how is He blind and deaf?

Proverbs 25:14, what is a false gift?

Psalm 55:19, why of old?  Why afflict?

Isaiah 43:9-10, who are the witnesses?

Isaiah 43:16, how does He make a way in the sea?

Isaiah 43:23, what are the small cattle and not honored?

Isaiah 43:24, how has He been made to serve with sin?

Isaiah 43:28, why Jacob to the curse and Israel to reproach?

Psalm 147:2, who is Jerusalem and the outcast stars?

Psalm 147:8-10, what is the rain, grass, beast, horse and legs?

Psalm 147:15, how does word run swiftly?

Psalm 147:16, what is snow? (Lnn)  Why hoarfrost to ash?

Isaiah 43:27, who was the first father?

Isaiah 44:2, who is Jesurun?

Isaiah 44:6, is it two or is it one?

Isaiah 44:28, who is Cyrus?

Isaiah 45:1, who is the anointed?

Isaiah 45:1, how does he subdue the nations?

Isaiah 45:1, what are the gates that will not be shut?

Isaiah 45:5, why is it that He is not known?

Isaiah 45:13, who is this?  How does it speak to our walk as believers?

Isaiah 47:2, why does it state uncover thy locks? (H)

Isaiah 47:7, when does this happen?  (R16) in a day

Isaiah 48:1, who is Jacob?  Is this Jewish born or people not Jewish born acting like Israel?

Isaiah 48:6, what are the new things or is it  refreshed?

Isaiah 48:10, why is it a furnace of affliction?

Isaiah 48:11, how could His name be polluted?

Isaiah 51:7, why does it state “heart is my law”?

Isaiah 51:9, who is Rahab?

Isaiah 51:10, how are the ransomed to pass over?  Who are the ransomed?  Could it be more than one group of people?

Isaiah 54:11, why is the foundation laid with sapphires?

Isaiah 54:15, who gathers them?

Isaiah 57:1-2, how is this separate from what follows or is separated?

Isaiah 58:7, what are we to do physically and spiritually?  Which comes first?

Isaiah 58:8, what does it mean He covers our rereward?  (S622)

Isaiah 60:18, why are the walls called salvation?  (R21)

Isaiah 60:20, why is it that the sun will not go down anymore or moon will not withdraw itself?

Isaiah 60:20, what are the days of mourning?

Isaiah 62:2, what is the new name?

Isaiah 63:16, who is the us?

Jeremiah 2:13, what are the two evils?

Jeremiah 2:20-23, how has this been repeated in modern times?

Jeremiah 4:10, did God deceive or did Jeremiah not understand?

Jeremiah 4:22, how did this happen?

Jeremiah 5:2, how can this be they swear falsely?

Jeremiah 6:14, how can they be wrong when there is no war?  (616)

Jeremiah 7:6, if you have a father can you be fatherless?  If you are married can you be a widow?  If you are a Jew can you be a stranger?

Jeremiah 7:9, if one worships Baal how can they not know him?  Can one know what is not?  Does infinity exist?

Jeremiah 11:19, who is this and who are the people of Anathoth in v23?

Jeremiah 13:22-25, what is their hope?

Jeremiah 14:9-14, who are these people and what will occur?

Jeremiah 15:8, how is it possible that the widows will increase?  How does this happen today?

Jeremiah 16:12, what is the imagination of an evil heart?

Jeremiah 16:13, how do they serve gods they do not know?  How does this happen today?