Ezekiel 40

Ezra 4:3, why did they reject the help?  (415, N219)

Ezra 5, why after the prophets spoke, they started to build again?

Who was Ezra and when did he return to Jerusalem?  (E7)

Ezra 7:12-20, why was the king willing to help? (P1607)

Ezra 7:28, why is it always go up?

Ezra 8:15, why did he send for sons of Levi?

When did Nehemiah return to Jerusalem?

Ezra 8:22, why was Ezra ashamed, it was a dangerous trip?

Ezra 9:8, why a nail?

Ezra 10:3, what is this a picture of?

Ezra 10:8, why 3 days, why 9th month 20th day?