Revelation 21 discusses the millennial reign of Yeshua from a perspective different than previously discussed.  This chapter focuses on New Jerusalem, the Bride of Messiah and the division of those being judged in the millennium.  It clarifies that New Jerusalem and the Bride of Messiah are one in the same.  There is a discussion of the characteristics of those within the Bride of Messiah.  During the millennial reign, God will rectify the suffering of mankind that has occurred over the last 6000 years.  There is insight into how salvation is to occur during this time period.

Next Inbetween Time

Renewed Heaven and Earth

No More Sea

As a Bride

Concurrent Not Chronological

More Perfect Tabernacle

Dwell With Them

Wipe Away All Tears

No More Death

All Things New

True and Faithful

Fountain of the Water of Life

Those Who Rather Not

Revealing the Bride

Light of the Bride

Wall Great and High

City Foundation

Golden Reed

City Measurement

Wall of the City

Jewels of the City

Jewels of the Foundation

Gates and Streets

No Temple

Millennial Sun & Moon

Millennial Salvation

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