Bible Discussion – February 9, 2021

Jeremiah 24, what is the meaning of this prophecy?  When did it occur?  Is it a shadow of future events?

Jeremiah 28, how does Hananiah’s prophecy relate to 2 Thessalonians 2 and the strong delusion?  How did the strong delusion occur?  When did the man of sin sit in the Temple of God?

Jeremiah 33:19-26, what are the consequences of this word?  It is one way or the other.  What are the two possibilities?  If it is broken, what does it mean for all other prophecies?

Jeremiah 34:19, what does it imply pass through the calf?  Where else did this happen?  Why was it not good for them as for others?

Jeremiah 38:25-27, it appears that Jeremiah lied?  Is there something in the New Testament that resolves this?  What is the truth of what Jeremiah really did?  What type of man was Zedekiah?  Jeremiah 34:15, 20-23

Jeremiah 42:13-19, what was the issue related to going to Egypt?  Why did they not want to stay in the land?  What is the shadow of the sword, famine and pestilence that was to occur?  Why do so many people abhor the land of Israel today?  Why do so many not have a love for the land?  What is the significance of the settlements that are occurring today in contested lands?  Are they really contested?

Jeremiah 43:1-3, after all that happened, why did they not believe Jeremiah?  Does Ezekiel discuss similar people?  How do we avoid so any issue?  How easy is it for this to happen even the most righteous of believers?  Does James provide a solution?  Does Yeshua speak of this concerning a different matter?

Jeremiah 48:10, why is this about Moab?  Is this about a group of people today?  Can we be guilty of this today?

Lamentations 3:38, which is it?  How can it be good if evil occurs?

Ezekiel 7:8, how is this good and bad?  How is it an affirmation and a warning?  Psalm 18:25-26, How is Ezekiel 7:27 a good thing for those that were righteous in the land if God pours out judgment and the city is burned?

Ezekiel 16:15, how does this happen today?  What are the warning signs?  How do we prevent this?  Can this happen to any one?

Ezekiel 16:17, how does one do this today make an images of men, if they do not build a physical idol?  What is the jewels, gold and silver that God has given them?

Ezekiel 16:48, what has Sodom not done?

Ezekiel 18, most of the statues in Ezekiel 18:6-3 have something in common?  Why not come near a menstruous woman?  Is usury the issue in Ezekiel 18:13?  Is Ezekiel the New Covenant?  Is it in this lifetime or the next?

Ezekiel 20:49, if most of the Bible is literal, why would the people think Ezekiel spoke in parables?  Consider Psalm 49:4 and Psalm 78:2.  Why is Luke 16 considered not to be a parable?  Consider Matthew 13:13 and John 16:29.

Daniel 2, if this is the 2nd year of the reign of Nebuchadnezzar, then what is the chronological sequence as related to Daniel 1?  Daniel 1:5 discuss a 3 year period.  Is it the same king for Daniel 1 and Daniel 2?

Daniel 10, who is the man that Daniel is speaking with?  Is this this real or is it a vision?  Who else of importance is discussed in this chapter?

Hosea 1, what is the significance of the children’s names related to the Restitution of All Things?  Jezreel means God sows, Loruhamah means no mercy, Loammi means not my people.  What is the overall picture that God is presenting for His people?

Hosea 6:6, why is this true?  Why does He state the knowledge of God?  If one does not have knowledge of God, what are the chances they could be worshipping a false God?

Jonah 3, how long was the forty day fast before God turned away?  What does forty days represent in scriptures?

Jonah 4:3, why did God not take Jonah’s life?  Why did Jonah want to die?  Did he betray His people?

Micah 6:5, where does Shittim bring us as believers?  Micah 6:5, what is the importance of Gilgal?  What is just beyond Gilgal?  What did Joshua do at Shittim and Gilgal?  Why is this important to believers today?  How will this lead to a life filled with blessings, protection and righteousness?

Zechariah 2:7, where is a similar statement made in the New Testament? (R1804)  What does this mean for the New Testament believer?

Zechariah 4:14, anointed actually means oil, if it is the two oils what does this mean?  Consider that ones comes from the Hebrew word ben.

Zechariah 5:4, who are the ones that swear falsely?  How is this possible?

Zechariah 5:9, who are the two women?  Are these similar to the two legs of the statue in Daniel 2?

Matthew 2:15 is this a prophecy of Hosea 11:1?  Who is in Judah in Hosea 11:12 today?  What do they do different than others?  How does Paul discuss this in his epistles?

Jeremiah 31:27, how does one know this is not literal or is it?  Consider the law of first mention.  If this is not literal what is the meaning of the symbols?  How will this be seen in the end of the millennium?

In the life of John the Baptist and Yeshua, are there similarities in the prophecy of Esau and Jacob?  Matthew 3:13, John said he had need to be baptized of thee in this we see the shadow of the two sons throughout the Bible.

Matthew 3:16-17, who saw the dove and heard the prophecy? Mark 1:10-11, Luke 3:21-22, John 1:31-34

Matthew 4:4, is it bread or something else?  What is the meaning of Deuteronomy 8:3?

Matthew 9:1-3, how could Yeshua state their sins were forgiven?  Matthew 9:6, how was Yeshua given the power to forgive sins?  How is this possible without a sacrifice?  Does this violate the law?  Or was He speaking that these in particular would walk out their faith?

Matthew 10:21, what child would rise up against its parent?  Who is your brother?  How would they be put to death?  What is the subject of this passage?  What is Yeshua asking us to do?  How important is this?  What is the result if we do not act decisively?

Matthew 11:23, how was Capernaum brought down to Hell to burn?

Matthew 11:24, how will it be more tolerable for Sodom in the Day of Judgment?

Matthew 12:40, what does this tell us about the death, burial and resurrection?

Matthew 12:43-45, what is occurring?  How does this happen?  Is this salvation?  How is it swept clean?  What are waterless places?  Why did the unclean leave only to come back?  How is this similar to 2 Peter 2:17-22?

Matthew 13, what can we do for ourselves to ensure the seed is sown in our hearts?  How do we become the good ground?  How do we know that all believers are not good ground?

Matthew 19:13, why did the disciples rebuke them?  Does this seem odd based on Matthew 18?  Why does this keep happening, something occurs Yeshua teaches on it and it happens again?  Is there times when this has happen to us?  What are we to do to prevent a similar occurrence?

Matthew 19:16-17, what was Yeshua’s answer?  What does Peter’s statement scarcely saved tells us?  Why is belief of itself insufficient?  Devils believe what is their solution to the situation?  How can we feel better in due time?

Matthew 19:28, when is the regeneration?  How does Matthew 23 and Luke 16 play into this?  Psalm 110 tell us what about this?

Does John 17:5 cause issues?

Matthew 20:1-16, why should not the reward matter?  What is the field?  What is the 6th and 9th hours?

Matthew 22:1-14, what is the lesson of this parable?  Who are the two sets?  Why is it that many are not serious or hard to find?  If there is plenty of room at the top what is preventing us? Is this a call to purity?

Matthew 22:30, if there is no marriage in the resurrection, does that mean forever?  How does this effect original purpose?  Is raising a family not important in the kingdom to come?

Matthew 22:36-40, why is it love God first? Why love our neighbor?  Who is our neighbor?  How does the parable of the good Samaritan answer this question?

Matthew 22:42-46, Psalm 110 what do these tell us?

Matthew 23:3, is this true today? Why does Yeshua state this?  How do we distinguish between what they say and their works?

Matthew 23:7-9, why does he say this? Is this instruction for the individual to say or the one that requires it?  If there are no titles how does one show respect?  Ultimately what is he trying to do?  Why do some call other Christians brother or sister?  Does this draw us closer together or put space between us?

Matthew 24:15, what is to be understood?  What must one do based on this?  Does this relate to 2 Thessalonians?  What would be the temple in 2 Thessalonians?  What stood in it and what mountain are we to flee to?

Matthew 24:20, when is winter and sabbath day?  What does this point to?  Why would this be undesirable?

Matthew 27:6, why was it not lawful to put the money in the treasury, but lawful to put Yeshua to death?

Matthew 27:7-8, if the Priest bought potters field, why do many claim Judas bought the field in Acts 1:19?  Is there a prophecy associated with this issue?

Matthew 27:9, is this the same as Jeremiah?  This is a quote from Zechariah 11:13, is this an error?

Matthew 27:24-25, who was right Pilate or the Jews?  Who is free of the blood and who is the blood on?  How have these attitudes prevailed through the years in various people?

Matthew 27:40, what Temple was Messiah referring to?

Matthew 27:37, was He the king of Jews?  Is he the king of the Jews today?  Who is He king of today?  How long will He rule over the Gentiles?  Is it a limited time?

Matthew 27:54, when did the centurion see all this?

Mark 1:1-2, what was the prophet to prepare?  How was he to do this?  What is our responsibility today?  Why is it important that it is not about us and it is about Him, God?  How does the prodigal son show this?

Mark 1:16-20, why did these four leave so easily?  What holds us back?  What would energize us today to give up all we have?  What would energize others to give up all we have?

Mark 1:22, what was so astonishing about what He taught?  What did he do that was so different or was there something else occurring?

Mark 1:44-45, why go to the priest and tell no man?  Was it because the man was not worthy or this would hinder Yeshua?  What was Yeshua trying to accomplish?

If Yeshua was coming back tomorrow what would you change?

Mark 2:14, why did Levi follow Him?  Is this Levi called James?  Why didn’t he give a two week notice?

Mark 2:15, why are publicans associated with sinners?  What was unique about the publicans?  Why were they considered outcasts?  What did they do that so few had time or ability to do?  What did they have in common with Peter, Andrew, James and John?

Mark 2:28, what does it mean to be Lord of the Sabbath?  How is the Sabbath made for man?  What happens if we reject the Sabbath?  What are we ultimately rejecting?

Mark 3:21, who is this referring to?  If He is beside Himself, why did any follow Him?  If He came back today, what would many consider Him?  If He is beside Himself and you follow Him, what does that make you?  Can the gospel fit in most churches today?

Mark 3:31-35, what did Yeshua say about His mother?  What should we do?

Mark 4:1-8, if one wants to be good ground what must they do based on Mark 4:12-20?

Mark 4:23-25, what is our two fold responsibility?  How do we fulfill this?

Mark 4, who are the fowls of the air in the Sower and Mustard Seed?  How do you avoid them?

Mark 4:36, is there any issue or problem associated with the other little ships?

Mark 4:37-41, what is this a picture of?  Whatever happen to the little ships in Mark 4:36?  What does Psalm 121 tell us?  Why do we become fearful?  What will it take to overcome fear?  How does faith grow?  Why is perfect faith elusive?  What does Psalm 23 tell us about faith?  Romans 1:17 tell us?

Mark 5:15, what were they afraid of?  Mark 5:17, why did they want Him to leave?

Mark 5:34, was it just her faith that made her whole?  If she had touched any faith healer not sent of God, would she have the same results?  What if she came close but did not touch would she have the same result?

Mark 6:3, why were they offended?

Mark 6:11, what was occurring different in these cities than Sodom and Gomorrha?  Who preached the gospel in Sodom and Gomorrha?

Mark 6:26, how sorry was the king?  What type of sorrow did Herod have?  2 Corinthians 7:10

Mark 6:34, did these people have a shepherd?  If so why does it state, sheep without a shepherd?  What did these people want?  Mark 6:37, what is our responsibility?  Why must we feed others?  Who are the others?

Mark 7:11, how could giving corban conflict with honoring father and mother in Mark 7:10?

Mark 7:16, what is this referring to?  Don’t most hear what He is saying?  What do the various groups hear?

Mark 7:20, why did he say only what comes out defiles?  What about Matthew 5:28?  Has this person done anything wrong beside think on lust?

Mark 9:4, how did they know it was Elijah and Moses?  Why would these two be talking with Yeshua?  Mark 9:7, what were we to hear?

Mark 10:17, what is the answer?  Did it change after the cross?  How does this find salvation?  What does this require we must surrender?  Was money or anything else the issue?  Do most have this issue?  What is needed to take up a cross, Mark 10:21?  Who is the only individual literally that took up a cross?  What is the message of that cross?

Mark 14:51-53, some say that this is John Mark, can we know for sure?  Does it matter?  Why did he leave naked?  Why is this in the Bible?  What is the deeper meaning?

Mark 14:57, were these false witnesses?  What makes them false witnesses?  Who are false witnesses today?

How did Elizabeth know to call her child John?  Luke 1:13

Luke 1:22, why did they perceive he saw a vision?  What was their expectation?  If that is not your expectation could you miss God?

Luke 4:23, was this referring to the events at the cross?  Reference Luke 23:35

Luke 6:47-49, how is this different from what is stated in Matthew 7?  Does Luke 6:46 relate?  Why dig down?  What would one find if they dug down deep?

Luke 7:19-20, why would John ask this?  Should he have known?  Who did he ask for?  John 3:30

Luke 9:30, how did they know it was Moses and Elijah?  Did this actually happen?

Luke 10:23, whose eyes?  Can we see what they saw?

Luke 11:52, what is the key of knowledge?  How did they take it away?  Has someone repeated the process?  How do we restore it?

Luke 12:36, if He returns after the wedding, are these believers?  Does this support two classes of believers?  Is this similar to what happens in Matthew 25?

Luke 15:29, why does the older son state kid or goat, when the younger got a calf?  Then why did he only want the goat for him and his friends?

Luke 16:20-21, why did the dogs lick his wounds?

Luke 16:26, why the great gulf?

Luke 17:11-19, at what point were the lepers healed?  What is different about the one that came back?  What are the 3 classes of people represented?