Matthew 24

This study focuses on Matthew 24.  If you ask most believers, what is the time reference for Matthew 24?  More than likely, they will tell that it refers to future events.  However, this study will demonstrate that much of Matthew 24 has already occurred.

This study is not about tickling peoples ears or a chance to present a different view on eschatology.  It is for a much different purpose.  However, to maximize ones benefit it will require them to study this for themselves.

Next Three Time Periods

Wars and Rumors of Wars

Key to Truth


Abomination of Desolation (M24)

Seven Weeks

Parenthesis Period

End of Sacrifices

Surrounded Jerusalem

Jerusalem and the Jews

AD 70

Times of the Gentiles

End of the Great Tribulation

Fulfillment of Prophesy

This Generation

Heed the Warning

Those Who Wait On The Lord

Sun is not Darkened

Stars are Angels

Great Darkness

Sign of His Coming

Three Heavens (M24)

Sun, the Moon and the Stars

Michael Stands Up

Sign in Heaven

Gathering of Israel and the Fig Tree

The Last Generation

Third Time Period

Purpose of the Teaching

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