Philemon, the Refreshing

This Bible study examine the book of Philemon.  A book that is often overlooked and not often quoted.  Although it is short in length, it has a tremendous spiritual message.  Philemon is a letter from Paul to his friend Philemon concerning Onesimus, a runaway slave.  It is a letter from one friend to another.

It is believed that Paul wrote the Book of Philemon while he was in prison in Rome.  Philemon was more than likely a a wealthy individual that lived in Colosse.  Paul probably met Philemon and Onesimus during his stay in Colosse.

Prior to this letter, Onesimus was a non-believer.  He ran away to Rome and came in contact with Paul.  Paul was instrumental in Onesimus conversion.  Paul then convinced Onesimus to return to Philemon.

As you read the subsequent pages on Philemon keep in mind the meaning of Philemon and Onesimus names.  Philemon means one who kisses or loving friend.  While Onesimus means profitable or useful.  Also, keep in mind the word refreshing.

Philemon will be discussed in the subsequent pages:

Next Prisoner

Fellowlabourer, Fellowsoldier

Grace, Peace

Pray for One Another

Being Effective

The Greater Truth

God’s Refreshing

Love’s Sake

Profitable Servant

Receive the New Creation

Mature Relationship

Refresh One Another

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