Church Age Purpose

Scriptures teach us that there will be a first and second coming of the Messiah.  This is sometimes described as the 2 Messiahs.  Not that there would be two different Messiahs, but that there would be two events, with different purposes.

At the first coming, the Messiah would suffer at the hands of mankind and bear the iniquities of the world.  This was to be Messiah Ben Joseph.  At the second coming, the Messiah would come back to establish an earthly kingdom to rule and reign for eternity.  This will be Messiah Ben Daviyd.  (Refer to Messiah Will Return or Two Messiahs for additional details.)

This brings up a question for believers, if the Messiah came 2000 years ago and will be returning shortly to set up a kingdom, what is the purpose of the last 2000 years?  This study answers this question through the following pages:

Next Limited Gospel

Blindness and Deception

No More Deception

The Head and the Feet


Great Multitude

Righteousness of the Saints

The Bride

Characteristics of the Bride

Honor and Dishonor

Judgment Seat

The Race

Purpose of the Bride

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