Eternal Security

Eternal Security is a subject that the church is divided over.  There are those that believe Salvation is a gift of God.  However, if one is careless, they could lose salvation or possibly walk away from it.  Others believe, once saved always saved.

The truth is, our opinion is not what is important.  It is God’s opinion that decides truth.  This study examines the many passage associated with Salvation.  From the beginning, God makes it clear that one cannot lose salvation.  God’s promises are eternal.

If you believe different and do not want to wade through all the justification; you may want to go straight to the troublesome passages first.  Many of the so called passages that prove one can lose salvation, actually prove otherwise.

God Says So

Hidden In Messiah

Good Shepherd

The Love of God

The Power of God

The New Birth / Creation

God’s Grace

Gift of The Son

How God Deals with our Sins

Holy Spirit

Past, Present & Future

Limited Free Will 

Incentive for Holiness

Eternal Security Troublesome Passages

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