Shemini Atsereth, the 8th Festival

Shemini Atsereth is the 7th and final holy convocation.  Shemini Atsereth means the Eight Festival.  It is sometimes associated with Sukkoth because of Leviticus 23:34-36.

34Speak unto the children of Israel, saying, The fifteenth day of this seventh month shall be the feast of tabernacles for seven days unto Yehovah. 35On the first day shall be an holy convocation: ye shall do no servile work therein. 36Seven days ye shall offer an offering made by fire unto Yehovah: on the eighth day shall be an holy convocation unto you; and ye shall offer an offering made by fire unto Yehovah: it is a solemn assembly; and ye shall do no servile work therein.

Sukkoth is only 7 days long, yet this passage speaks of an 8th day.  This 8th day is the final Holy Convocation.  It is Shemini Atsereth, the 8th Festival.  It is the 7th Holy Convocation discussed in Leviticus 23.  It is not obvious to most because it is hidden in the Festival of Sukkoth.

Shemini Atsereth occurs on the 22nd of Tishri, the 7th month.

Unfortunately, there is not much is written about Shemini Atsereth in Hebrew Scriptures.  Yet in the New Testament, there were several significant events that occurred on Shemini Atsereth.

Additionally in Eretz Yisrael, the land of Israel, Shemini Atsereth and Simhath Torah or  Rejoicing of the Torah occur on the same date.  In Judaism, the Torah (the five books of Moses) is read in the Synagogue on a one year cycle.  Simhath Torah is the day when the last section of the torah is read and Genesis is started again for the annual cycle.  This is keeping with the objective that the study of Torah is without end.  This speaks of the endless study of scriptures, because one is always to be in a cycle of study.

Shemini Atsereth – Yeshua’s Early Years

Shemini Atsereth -Yeshua’s Ministry

Shemini Atsereth -In the Millennium

The pages above explain the fulfillment of Shemini Atsereth.  When these are put all together, Shemini Atsereth:

  • Is the Day Yeshua was circumcised – Luke 2:21.
  • Is the Day God Glorified his son, with a name above every name – Philippians 2:9.
  • Is the Day Yeshua declared the Prophesy of the Holy Spirit – John 7:38-39.
  • Speaks of the endless study of scriptures.
  • Brings us back to rest.

So this 8th day, Shemini Atsereth has tremendous significance to us as New Testament believers.

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