Sheol, Hell, Heaven and the Lake of Fire

This series of teachings explores the destination one will enter into upon death.  This includes 1st & 2nd Death.  This series will discuss:

  • Sheol and Hell
  • Heaven
  • Lake of Fire
  • Ending with the Rich Man and Lazarus

When these subjects are understood in the context of the Bible, it helps to explain some of the inconsistencies in many Christian church doctrines.  What is being taught by many today, after years of tradition, does not line up with scriptures.  These subjects will be studied in the light of the scriptures and not based on accepted tradition.  These studies will be looking into scriptures for answer, interpreting scripture with scripture.

There is an overwhelming amount of opinion and misconceptions related to these subjects most of which started in the garden.   Where truth was put forth and misconception was implanted that is where this study will begin.

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