Yeshua vs. Jesus

Throughout the text the name Yeshua is used rather than Jesus.  Although some may be unfamiliar with this name, it is the proper name for the Messiah as explained below.

In most Bibles, Matthew 1:1 is translated:

1The book of the generation of Jesus Christ, the son of David, the son of Abraham.

Jesus is the Greek word Iesous (G2424).  It comes from the Hebrew word Yehosua or Yehowshua (H3091), which is Joshua or Jehoshua in English.  It means Jehovah is salvation.  However, in the King James translation of the Greek scriptures, 974 times Iesous (G2424) is translated Jesus.  As with most Messianics, this website uses the contraction of Yehowshua, Yeshua.

(Messianic refers to the a movement within Christianity that believes and practices the teachings of both the Hebrew and Greek scriptures.  Messianics most importantly hold to the belief that Jesus (Yeshua) is the Messiah while following the practices of the 66 books of the Bible as practiced by Yeshua himself.)

Although many call the Messiah Jesus, it is not His actual name in strict accordance with translations.  Jesus is a Latin transliteration.  Our Messiah’s proper name is Yeshua.

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